The Internal Revenue Service changes and announces new initiatives every year.  This webinar will discuss the Internal Revenue Service’s latest initiatives and how you can prepare for a successful year in representing your clients.  Our expert speaker will discuss the Internal Revenue Service’s audit and collection efforts and activities and what you can expect during 2024 year with an Internal Revenue Service that may have its first large budget increase in more than a decade.

Webinar Objectives

This webinar will provide insight and tools to assist you and your clients understand what the Internal Revenue Service will focus on during 2024 and how successful they were during 2023.  We will discuss what a large budget increase to the Internal Revenue Service will mean for taxpayers. 

Webinar Highlights
  1. IRS Audit Activity during 2023
  2. IRS Collection Activity during 2023
  3. IRS priorities for 2024
  4. IRS Budget and what it means for your client
  5. New Programs that may be beneficial to your client

Who Should Attend?

Accountants, tax preparers, CFOs, financial compliance professionals, and lawyers