The add on code for office complexity, G2211, was approved by Medicare in the 2020 Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule but a moratorium was placed on payment for this code until 2024.  In the interim, further refinements to the HCPCS descriptor were made in clarification.  It was not felt that the value associated with a traditional office visit accounted for additional resources that were associated with a patient’s care in a longitudinal nature. 

Effective January 1, 2024 this code was payable as an add on code to Office and Other Outpatients codes.  The 2024 Physician Fee Schedule Final rule indicated that appropriate use of the code depended on the relationship between the physician and the patient. 

To date we have some additional information on documentation and use of this code that was designed for, but not limited to, primary care physicians. Understanding how to use the G2211 code, when to use it and how to document it are important steps an office needs to understand if they intend to bill for this service.

Webinar Objectives

Although this code has been around for several years, the practical application of it can be confusing.  The intention of the code is to give additional reimbursement to primary care physicians for the additional care elements that they experience in being the “lead” physician for patients.

Webinar Agenda
  • The origins of the G2211 code will be explained and its journey into becoming a payable code effective January 1, 2024.
  • Next, discussion around when to bill this code and what documentation is needed in doing so.
  • Who can bill this code is another consideration along with how often the code can be utilized. 
  • Finally, modifier use with the G2211 code will be discussed

Webinar Highlights
  • History of the G2211 code
  • What did we discover about the code in the 2024 PFS Final rule
  • Are there frequency limitations
  • Who can bill the code
  • What documentation is required
  • Where to find more information

Who Should Attend?

Coders, Billers, Office Managers, Administrative Assistant’s, Physicians