In 2023 significant changes were made to the category of Observation codes.  Their integration with hospital initial care codes has caused significant confusion among coders.  Questions like: When to use which codes; What to do when a patient is in observation and then admitted?; Which physicians can bill observation codes? These are all common questions after the changes in CPT occurred.  Additionally, misperceptions on which codes to bill when the patient is in observation over the date line or less than 8 hours are seen frequently.

This webinar will help the listener acquire valuable insight and understanding into the answers to the questions above.  They will also gain knowledge in this interactive webinar as attendees can ask their tough situational questions. 

Webinar Highlights
  • Were any observation codes deleted?
  • Which observation services were integrated into the initial care codes?
  • Which physicians can bill for observation services?
  • What codes should be used when observation services go over the date line?
  • What codes should be used for a patient admitted to observation that is later admitted to the hospital?
  • Can observation services be performed as split shared visits?
  • Can consultations be billed from observation?

Who Should Attend?

Coders, Billers, Administrators, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants