The IRS provides updated tax rates and changes how taxable income is calculated each year.  This webinar will assist the seasoned payroll professional on new legislation that need to be considered to have a successful W-2 processing season.  Details on how to properly complete each box on the form W-2 A brief overview of year-end tax changes for the new year and W-2 best practices will also be discussed.  Updates to the W-2 for past couple years to include how to handle the SSN truncation for both federal and state filing. 

Webinar Objectives
  • To better understand proper W-2 filing requirements with the SSA along with deadlines
  • Details around codes added for the tax cuts and jobs act
  • Better understanding of the laws around how employers should provide W-2 forms to employees.
  • Understanding special state W-2 requirements
  • How to properly balance W-2’s before sending to employees to avoid tax notices from the IRS

Webinar Agenda
  • W-2 Requirements
  • W-2 box by Box review
  • Updated legislation to consider for W-2
  • State by State discussion of special W-2 considerations
  • Year End and W-2 best Practices
  • Fringe Benefit year end processing

Who Should Attend?

Payroll and Tax Professionals