As of August 1, 2023, the Form I-9 has been updated to include a remote verification option.    This webinar will review the changes in detail and how the employer can deal with them.   We also have additional options of going electronic with the Form I-9.  This webinar will review all of your electronic options when it comes to the Form I-9 and how you company can best become more electronic.

The current administration is cracking down on I-9 compliance are you ready for an audit.  This session will get you ready to know all the details of the new supplement A & B forms as part of the I-9 and how to properly complete them.

Webinar Objectives
  • Understand the recent updates to the Form I-9 as of 8/1/2023
  • Understanding the new I-9 requirements for individuals working in the US on temporary work visas.
  • Review section by section of the form
  • Review of the new Supplement A & B Forms
  • Review what the requirements are to keep form I-9 electronic
  • How to avoid mistakes in the I-9 process from document abuse to discrimination
  • How to handle Audits in regard to the I-9
  • Remote verification requirements going forward and how to true up the remote verifications from COVID-19 flexibility which the deadline is quickly approaching.
  • Review of taking SSN Cards and what you need to know
  • Understand electronic I-9 requirements
  • Understand proper processing of each section of the Form I-9
  • Review of antidiscrimination laws and how employers can protect themselves
  • Review all updates of the e-verify system and why you should use it
  • Current Comment period for new updates coming

Webinar Agenda
  • Working in the US and Employment Verification
  • Discrimination/Requirements
  • Changes to the I-9 Form
  • COVID-19 Relaxation of rules
  • How to properly complete the I-9
  • Section by Section, Supplement A & B
  • Correcting Mistakes
  • Storage and Retention
  • E-verify update

Who Should Attend?

Payroll and Tax Professionals